Poop Mentioned in the Spalding Voice Today

Thank you Richard Rush at the Spalding Voice for the following write-up.  It is appreciated.  Here’s an indication of what Richard wrote:

A former South Holland district councillor has become a published author of children’s books.

Rodney Grocock (73) has signed a five book deal with Pegasus Publishing and the first book The Order of the Poop came out last week.

The book’s blurb says: “Cyril the crow lives on Farmer Brown’s farm. He is the leader of the crows on the farm and his life is happy and peaceful until Farmer Brown buys a shotgun. Things get very messy, very messy indeed.”

Previous to being the district councillor for Moulton, Weston and Cowbit, Mr Grocock served 12 years in both the Royal Navy and 12 years as a Detective Sergeant in Cleveland Constabularly.

“I was absolutely delighted when Pegasus said they would publish the books,” Rodney Grocock said. “I am proud to now say I’m a published author.”

“I’ve always loved telling stories.” “I started writing a book many years ago, but the council responsibilities took up most of my time.”

“I’ve recently been filming an animation video with some of the characters from the book which will go live soon.”

“My daughter messaged me to say it’s a really sweet book, so I can’t get higher praise than that.”

Your support and love for ‘The Order of the Poop’ and my future books will mean the world to me. Let’s continue to celebrate the joy of reading and the magic of storytelling together.

With warm regards,

Rodney Grocock