Announcing Exciting Poop News

I am delighted to share exciting Poop news with you. The Order of the Poop about the mischievous adventures of Cyril Crow, is now available for purchase through various platforms, extending the reach to an even wider audience. While Amazon and Pegasus Publishers have been pivotal in the distribution process, the book is now also accessible on eBay, WHSmith, and Bookshop UK, offering readers even more channels to read about out how come the crows on Farmer Brown’s farm enjoy a happy and peaceful life until Farmer Brown buys a shotgun and things get very messy, very messy indeed.

The inclusion of eBay as a distribution platform ensures that my readers seeking an alternative marketplace can now conveniently find and order The Order of the Poop.

In addition, the collaboration with WH Smith also enhances the visibility of The Order of the Poop creating another opportunity for parents of young readers and connecting my book to another diverse audience of book enthusiasts.

Bookshop UK, known for supporting independent bookstores, further extends the availability of The Order of the Poop.

A special acknowledgment is owed to Pegasus Publishers for their instrumental role in publishing and distributing The Order of the Poop. Their support has been invaluable to me, not only in bringing this mischievous adventure to readers but also in enhancing its visibility within the literary landscape. The collaboration with Pegasus Publishers, a reputable and experienced independent publishing house, underscores their trust and belief in me as a story teller and their dedication to nurturing newbie authors.

As The Order of the Poop finds its way onto these diverse platforms, I can only express my sincere gratitude to readers, supporters, and the dedicated team at Pegasus Publishers. The book’s journey from creation to distribution signifies a shared commitment to bringing joy, laughter, and imaginative storytelling to children and families around the world.

Let’s continue to celebrate the joy of reading and the magic of storytelling together.

With warm regards,

Rodney Grocock