80th Anniversary of D Day

Today, on behalf of the Royal Naval Association, Spalding Branch, I attended Ayscoughfee Gardens in Spalding to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D Day at which time I was humbled to be asked by the Chairman, Keith Crawford, MBE to say a few words: “Ladies, Gentlemen & Shipmates, Today, the 6th of June 2024 marks … Read more

The Cleverness of Crows: The Inspiration Behind “The Order of the Poop”

As reported in The Times newspaper today, Friday the 24th May 2024, crows have once again been recognised for their impressive intelligence. These clever birds can distinguish numbers from 1 to 4, showcasing their remarkable cognitive abilities. Ranked high in the pecking order of animal intelligence, crows continue to astound researchers and bird enthusiasts alike. … Read more

Invitation to Honour the Fallan at Normandy

Dear Residents of Spalding and South Holland It is with great pride and reverence that we acknowledge the unwavering support of our community towards our veterans and military events throughout the year.  Your presence and participation in commemorating the fallen on significant dates such as VE Day, VJ Day, Armed Forces Day, and Armistice Day … Read more

Another Written ‘Order of the Poop’ Book Review

Thank you so Henry much for congratulating me on the publication of my first book, “The Order of the Poop”. It’s truly heartwarming to receive such kind words about Cyril Crow’s adventures. I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed the book. Your support is important to me as a newbie author. Here’s what Henry had to … Read more

Crows Can Grieve Too

As I have previously mentioned in my blogs, crows are highly intelligent and social birds.  They are complex sentient beings which extends to their response to death within their communities. When a member of a crow community dies, whether it be due to natural causes, predation, or accidents, other crows often gather around the deceased … Read more

Celebrating the Intelligence of Crows and the Beauty of Wildlife

Today, I would like to share with you my journey which led to the creation of The Order of the Poop. My inspiration for writing the book was, and still is, my admiration for the intelligence and ingenuity of crows. Crows have long captivated me with their remarkable intelligence and complex social interactions. These highly … Read more

A Memorable Book Signing at St Mary’s Church, Whaplode

Christine and I met up with some friends recently to celebrate the yearly Snowdrop Walk which takes place in St Mary’s Church, Whaplode in Lincolnshire. The snowdrops as per recent years were glorious.   Whaplode Church, however, also served as the picturesque setting for my first-ever impromptu book signing event and a celebration of the launch … Read more