The Cleverness of Crows: The Inspiration Behind “The Order of the Poop”

As reported in The Times newspaper today, Friday the 24th May 2024, crows have once again been recognised for their impressive intelligence. These clever birds can distinguish numbers from 1 to 4, showcasing their remarkable cognitive abilities. Ranked high in the pecking order of animal intelligence, crows continue to astound researchers and bird enthusiasts alike. It is their intelligence that played a significant role in inspiring my book, “The Order of the Poop.”

One particularly famous crow, Betty from New Caledonian, made headlines in 2002 when she became the first non-human animal to utilise tools to create a hooked tool by bending a wire. This groundbreaking discovery highlighted the extraordinary problem-solving skills and ingenuity of crows, further fuelling my fascination with these incredible birds.

In “The Order of the Poop,” I wanted to capture the essence of crows’ intelligence and translate it into a whimsical and adventurous tale for children. The story follows the mischievous adventures of Cyril Crow and Jake Crow, two clever crows who use their wits to navigate the challenges they encounter on Farmer Brown’s farm.

The plot revolves around Cyril and Jake devising a clever plan to overcome a tricky situation on the farm. By working together as a team, they demonstrate the power of cooperation and resourcefulness. Central to their strategy is the utilisation of “The Order of the Poop,” an ancient tradition passed down from their forefathers. This secret tradition becomes the key to their success, much to the surprise of Farmer Brown.

Farmer Brown, aware of the crows’ intelligence, never imagined the extent to which their cunning could impact him. Cyril and Jake’s plan unfolds in the most unexpected and messy way possible, delighting readers with their cleverness and the humour that ensues.

Throughout this story, I aim to highlight the remarkable intelligence of crows and their ability to work together to solve problems. By bringing Cyril and Jake’s adventures to life, I hope to inspire young readers to appreciate the wonders of wildlife and the incredible abilities of the creatures that share our world.

“The Order of the Poop” is not just a tale of mischief; it is a celebration of the intelligence and ingenuity of crows, encouraging children to recognise and cherish the cleverness of these fascinating birds.

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Rodney Grocock, Author