Celebrating the Intelligence of Crows and the Beauty of Wildlife

Today, I would like to share with you my journey which led to the creation of The Order of the Poop. My inspiration for writing the book was, and still is, my admiration for the intelligence and ingenuity of crows.

Crows have long captivated me with their remarkable intelligence and complex social interactions. These highly intelligent birds possess problem-solving skills, tool use, and even the ability to recognise individual humans.

One day, I called on Christine at her office.  Whilst waiting for her, my eyes were drawn to the crows going about their daily lives.  My thoughts turned to the idea that with their super-intelligence, they could interact with humans to make the world a nicer place for themselves and also humans.

In “The Order of the Poop,” readers are invited to join Cyril Crow on a mischievous journey through the big skies of Lincolnshire. Cyril and his friend, Jake, demonstrate their intelligence and teamwork as they face a particular challenge which just has to be sorted out. The five-book series about Cyril and Jake’s adventures shows them solving puzzles and outsmarting their adversaries.

“The Order of the Poop” I hope seeks to inspire young readers that crows and, indeed, all living creatures are intelligent beings. Through Cyril Crow’s adventures, I hope that children will be encouraged to explore the natural world around them, to observe and cherish the creatures that inhabit it.

It’s a big ask but I hope that through “The Order of the Poop,” I’m able, in a small way, to inspire children to develop a lifelong love for wildlife and a desire to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

In conclusion, it was the intelligence of crows which served as the inspiration for “The Order of the Poop,” a mischievous tale celebrating the beauty of wildlife and the importance of cherishing and respecting all creatures great and small.

Write again soon, “Bye bye, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Rodney Grocock, Author