Celebrating Our First Written Review for “The Order of the Poop”

I am absolutely delighted to share some exciting news with you all! I’ve received my first written review for “The Order of the Poop”.

As many of you may know, “The Order of the Poop” is a mischievous adventure following the escapades of Cyril Crow, a lovable character whose antics have captured the hearts of readers young and old. Since its release, we’ve been overwhelmed by the warmth and support shown by our friends and readers. The first written review serves as a testament to the joy and laughter that Cyril Crow’s adventures bring to our lives.

Our friends Anthony and Linda, have bought and read “The Order of the Poop” and shared their thoughts with us in a heartfelt review. Here’s what they had to say:

“Rodney – Congratulations for having your book “The Order of the Poop” published.  It is a great achievement. We have both enjoyed reading it and knowing the author makes it special.  Well done. Hope this will be the start of many more. Love, Anthony and Linda”

Reading Anthony and Linda’s review filled my heart with immense joy and gratitude. To know that Cyril Crow’s adventures have brought a smile to their faces and captured their imagination is the greatest reward any author could ask for.

I want to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Anthony and Linda for their kind words.

If you would like to buy “The Order of the Poop”, please visit Pegasus Publishers and Amazon.

With warmest regards,

Rodney Grocock, Author of “The Order of the Poop”