About Rodney Grocock

At the ripe old age of 73, (May 2024), I’m proud to say that I am a published author. I’ve always had the ability to tell a good story. There are numerous stories in my head taken from the challenges and experiences I’ve had over the years. One day, I just mentioned to Christine “I’ve written a book, can I read it to you?” The rest is history and my first book, THE ORDER OF THE POOP, (this is the first of a five-book series) is now published.

What I’ve done before this momentous occasion.

Before joining the Royal Navy, I was a Blacksmith’s Apprentice. I served 12 years in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, followed by 12 years as a Detective in the Cleveland Constabulary. After leaving the police force, I returned to my home village in Moulton Seas End, Lincolnshire as my father was very ill with cancer. He has since died. During this time, I ran the local pub – the Golden Lion.

I then became a businessman, serving the local community selling replacement windows and doors and building conservatories. After retiring from business, the next stage in my career was politics. I always had an interest in politics and thought it very important for people to vote. I served 14 years as a District Councillor for South Holland District Council and had the privilege of serving the residents of Moulton, Weston and Cowbit. Another proud moment in my life.

I was Chairman of the Spalding WWII Memorial Committee. The Committee raised the £100,000 to erect a memorial in Ayscoughee Gardens, Spalding to commemorate the fallen of WWII. The Committee were privileged to invite His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent, who graced South Holland with his presence to dedicate the Memorial to the fallen. This, indeed, was a very special occasion.

I’m married to Christine, have two daughters and two granddaughters and a great granddaughter and a great grandson all living locally.

My hobbies include reading and writing, watching and listening to all sports and helping Christine with gardening.


About Rodney Grocock